As many companies migrate to email direct marketing, there are rumors that Direct Postal Mail is expensive, slow, time consuming, outdated, and essentially obsolete.

Nothing could be further from the truth!  Click title to read the article!

Regardless of how you reach your customers, or potential customers, you still need to catch their attention, hold it long enough to read your message, and “hook” their interest so they will respond.

With postal mail, you have more of a chance to do that, since they are actually holding a physical piece of mail in their hands.

With email, most unsolicited mail goes into a junk folder where no one sees it, and people are very fast on the “Delete” trigger.

That may account for response rates for email that are orders of magnitude lower than those of direct mail.

It is true that direct mail can be an expensive proposition, but with the proper attention paid to the fundamentals of outstanding design, eye-catching printing, unusual sizes, and other “gimmicks” that draw the recipient’s attention, the return on investment (ROI) can be extremely good.

When you couple direct mail with targeted lists of recipients who should be interested in your products or services, you are starting out with an advantage. It is critical to start with good, accurate lists, whether for email or direct, postal campaigns.

One great way to reach your customers is by marrying the direct mail to a digital campaign. Do both email and direct mail, making sure to enable a method of tracking which sent the customer to your website or phone.

Whatever method you choose, make sure you buy your list(s) from the most reputable, accurate source you can.  Skimping on your mailing list is a good way to throw away a lot of money marketing to the wrong people….

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